China Harvesting Organs from Thousands of Political Prisoners While They Are Alive

(ANTIMEDIA) The Chinese government is facing public outcry amid fresh allegations that authorities have routinely had the organs of political prisoners illegally, forcibly removed. According to Newsweek, well-respected investigators from all over the world agree that thousands of people have had their organs forcefully extracted, without anesthetic, while held in Chinese prisons. Many of the victims belong

Launch to prove Earth is flat delayed by US govt

The self-styled “World’s Most Famous Limousine Driver” Mike Hughes, 61, has suffered a setback in his attempts to prove the Earth is flat. On Saturday, a federal agency blocked his homemade rocket launch by withholding permission to use public land. The steam-powered rocket was scheduled to take off in Amboy, California, a ghost town in

Chinese Media Publishes Nuclear Attack Survival Guide, Warns People At NK Border

Jilin Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China in Northeast China’s Jilin Province, close to North Korea border, has published a full-page nuclear attack survival guide on what readers can do in case of a nuclear weapons attack or explosion. The ‘common sense’ advice, published after U.S. bombers flew over the Korean peninsula as part

Google Collecting Data From Android Users Even If Their Phone’s Location Access Is Turned Off

With more than 320 million Android devices shipped worldwide, Google’s Android owns 88% of the smartphone market. However, a recent Quartz report claims Google is using the popularity of its mobile operating system to collect its Android users location data even if they have turned off location access and don’t have a SIM card. “Since the beginning

Using Passion Flower for Anxiety, Pain Relief and More

Passion flower is not only known as a religiously symbolic and easily grown plant. Many varieties of the passion flower’s “passiflora” genus have also been used medicinally for centuries first by Native Americans then by other cultures. The most common medicinal uses were as a remedy for anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, and anti-spasmodic (muscle relaxing).
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