25+ Times People Tried Face Swap On A Baby, And Regretted It Immediately

There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘baby face,’ but these people just took it to an uncomfortable new level.

Face swapping, the act of digitally rendering your face onto someone else’s (and vice-versa), has slowly taken over the world since its addition to Snapchat back in 2016. People can now exchange mugs as easily as they can take selfies, and it’s produced some pretty terrifying results on occasion. Nothing, however, could possibly haunt our dreams more than adult faces superimposed onto tiny infant frames.

Though not all of these were made using Snapchat, each is equally bizarre in its own right, and reminds us why some people just should not be given modern technology under any circumstances. Scroll down at your own risk, and let us know if you laughed or squirmed in your seat at the end.

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